‘Extending the limits of science and exploring the unknown is always exciting …’

It might sound lame to others but definitely not to US. We are Cambrionics Life science, a community of amateur biologists, genetic’s  students and science-lovers banded together to redefine life science. We are highly creative and insane independent biologists trying to contribute to the biological community with a little passion to add fuel.

Independent Research and DIY science has been our backbone in building knowledge. We believe that science is not bound just within the laboratories, and has to be available to ALL. Our goal is to decode and democratize this technology, putting tools into the hands of those who are keen on them. “Biology for ALL” is our motto. We try to bring science closer to people like you and ME through our innovations (DIY centrifuge, DIY gel-doc, ZF in Classroom, Gene-card). Though we start here small, we have dreams of ending up huge.

If independent researchers and amateur biologists can crack a medical puzzle that had baffled professionals for years in a matter of few months, just think what a collaborative effort between scientists, enthusiasts and biohackers might accomplish. The possibilities are limitless.

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