I was introduced to the cancer biology a few months ago, as one of the major killer on Earth. Everyone know this and what’s so new in it? That’s how I snapped back. Until recently, when I was inspired by Dr.Paul Davies, ASU, Beyond Centre. I write this article with no agenda to find a cure for cancer, but as an admiration of its science.

The Classical Cancer

‘Cancer is a group of diseases involving abnormal cell growth with the potential to invade or spread to other parts of the body’, says Wikipedia. As of what we know, the cells in certain organs start to proliferate in an uncontrollable manner, they move along the blood stream and colonize other parts in the body. This is called as metastasis, and it accounts for almost 90% of the mortality cases.

Classical cancer pathway

It is often considered as a complex disorder that involves hundreds of interactions between various genes and proteins. Cancer – the so called Genius Hacker, includes hundreds of doctors, biologists and health professionals who spend hours of work targeting various pathways.

According to Paul Davies, it is believed that U.S spent more than 100 billion dollars on the cancer cure and the world as a whole accounts for 500 billion dollars in cure and management of cancer, but the question is ‘Are we approaching it in the right way? ’

The whole new story – Cancer Re-invented

 “Why think cancer as an aberration, but as an unleashing potential …”

Cancer shouldn’t be first considered as a human disease, but every multi-cellular organism in this planet has cancer, this includes organisms like hydra that contains only two types of cells. Cancer dates back to millions of years ago ever since the multi-cellular organism evolved. According to a theory, it is believed that single-celled organisms possessed a stress-response mechanism and it is inherited to the multi-cellular organisms. Cancer is the ancient genetic program that is triggered by a stressful environment.

Cancer bearing hydra

Cancer is actually a pre-programmed genetic code that escapes out and expresses itself in an unhealthy environment. Cancer is actually not the creation of the genetic damage by various factors but rather the cell’s response to such stressors. It should be understood that it is the cancer that causes the mutation and not the other way around.

“Cancer is a systematic response to a damaging environment and not an accidental product of the damage  …” says, Paul Davies.

The altered mechanism known as the ‘Root cause of the Cancer’ was observed by Dr.Otto Warburg for which he was awarded the Nobel Prize.  Otto discovered that low oxygen is the characteristic of the cancer cells. We need such new perspectives in the management of cancer to move close in the war on cancer.

However the important findings in the cancer research so far is that we need an entirely new goals for cancer management. In the end it is not always about the question of money put in, but the direction we take to approach the solution.

Interesting Science of Cancer Biology

We already saw the ancient history behind the cancer evolution. Indeed cancer is considered as very predictable in certain environments if we approach the correct way. I recently came across a research paper that studied the properties of cancer cell in regeneratable organs. A salamander was injected with cancer cells in its tail which was later amputated after the cancer growth. The regenerated tail was perfect with normal cells under healthy environment whereas the salamander regenerated cancerous tail under a stress environment. It becomes very interesting and co-incidental that cancer is a pre-programmed process in a cell which gets switched ON when needed.

Conclusion to the Cancer story

With the information and data we have, it is high time we shift our focus and goals in cancer management. It is very important to cross disciplinary boundaries in treating cancer. Inter-disciplinary approaches such as 3D-modelling and mimicking are needed rather than classical rat model. The eventual goal is to connect the dots in cancer management.

We have come to a situation where many scientists and doctors have concluded that Cancer is not going to see any miracle cure, and it is not needed either as we can manage it into a chronic disease. Instead of targeting to eliminate every cancer cell in the body, a smart therapy can turn it into a chronic manageable disease that people can live with. Enrique Hernandez Authentic Jersey

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